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> ti-92

> features
> symbolic algebra
> integrated programming language
> a lot of memory
> possibility to add functions to the rom (ti92+)
> 10MHz 68000 processor
> I/O through the link port (30kbps)
> QWERTY keyboard
> 240x128 pixel display

getting of the calculator isn't difficult and the documentation is well. so, the only problem is the programming (fast games, good programs, ...).

>> integrated BASIC language
you can program the ti-92 with the integrated BASIC language. it's good documented in the handbook of the ti92.
problem: it's slow

>> assembly language
to program your ti-92 you have to get one of these software packages:
  * TI92 I/II Fargo 0.2.7
  * TI92 Plus DoorsOS or PlusShell

with one of this packages you can program your ti-92. look at the documentations, it's there described how to generate a ti-92 program

>> homemade cable
you can build a homemade cable (5$ cable). since it's very easy to build an inexpensive thing you should make one. click here to get the schematic!

>> exchanging of the processor
there was a message that it should be possible to exchange the processor of the ti-92 with a faster one. you should use a 68020 with 16MHz and it will be faster. currently no one tested this feature!

>> speed up of the TI
it's possible to speed up the ti-92, by exchanging of a capacitor. you have to exchange the capacitance C11 with a capacity of 10nF. then your ti is faster (about 4 times), but it needs more power!


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