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> multiuser system
> multitasking system
> supports every processor
> kernelsources available
> very stable OS
> free!
> good support
> ... (a lot of features) 

by Linus Torvalds

mxm-projects wants to create linux programs too, but currently, there are no ideas, so this section is still waiting for some persons...

>> drivers
the biggest problem currently are the drivers. a lot of companies didn't realize that more and more people use linux. but a lot of programmers try to create drivers. and there exist some places, where you can find drivers. a good place - in my opinion is - FreshMeat. the only problem is that the site is "big" (100kB). another site is linux.org

>> installation problems
a lot of users didn't accept linux because the installation is currently difficult. you should risk it, because you'll get a stable system! look at linux.org, they can help you!

>> kde
kde is a window manager, which is a client of the X-server system. the developers want to create an an easy user interface and currently it looks very promising. the latest version is 1.1.2. there are some programs availabel (old X-window programs runs too) availabel and some software companies port their programs to KDE (Corel for example).
some persons are creating an office called K-Office.
the KDE team is planning a version 2.0 which will be faster and some other features (CORBA support, XDND, ...). troll Tech has released the QT 2.0 and this was the start for KDE 2.0

>> what mxm-project does
we are involved in the kdevelop project. we will add Multiuser and online-development support.
we plan to program a standard program install and uninstall program (similar to Windows, sorry). please help.


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