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>> dos
simtelnet/msdos An archive of programs and utilities for MS-DOS

>> linux / general
kernel.org The newest kernel releases (2.3 is development kernel, 2.2 is a stable kernel)
linux.org Good page for Linux with faqs, mailinglists, ...
linuxhq.org The Linux headquarter
li.org Linux international
>> linux / window-manager
kde.org The KDE project (latest release 1.1)
gnome.org The GNU window manager
enlightment.org Just a windowmanager too
>> linux / drivers
freshmeat A very good archive which contains Linux drivers, ...
xfree86 Drivers for the X server
>> linux / other
Suse A lot of software
delix software

>> ti-92
ticalc.org One of the best TI archives on the web
ti-files.org It's similar with ticalc.org, but it has some other sections too!
calc.org Dimension-TI is a very good page, but sometimes slow or the page is shown wrong, but the content of the page is very well

>> private pages
TI89 Center A good TI89 page with a lot of informations, you should have a look there!
TI Webring At the start of our site you see a webring pic. Here is a link to the page from the owner of this webring
technoplaza.net The homepage of our member Silver
Saily Software Saily software, a TI92 basic programmer.

>> free webspace
xoom.com Offering 10MB (unlimited?) + email + chatroom + counter
webjump.com Offering 25MB + statistic + (free domain)
rampage.com Offering 100MB + ...
>> free counters
fastcounter.com You see an example on the top
fxweb.com The standard type of counter
>> free email
gmx.net emailaccount (POP3, forwarding, ...)
hotmail.com emailaccount
zdnetmail.com Emailaccount from the ZD group



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