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> ti-89

> features
> symbolic algebra
> integrated BASIC programming language
> 512kb of memory (384kb archive, 188k user)
> flash-rom upgradable
> motorola 68000 10 MHz processor
> i/o via the link port
> 160x100 pixel high resolution display
> pretty print format
> easy conversion between binary, 
> hexadecimal and decimal numbers.
> support for numerous units of measurement
> integrated assembly language program support

if you live in the U.S. or any western european nation, the calculator should be readily available. good documentation for built-in features, so all we really need is some game programming skills!

>> integrated BASIC language
with extensive documentation in the manual detailing the integrated "TI-BASIC" language for the ti-89, it is relatively simple to program the calculator in basic. just check the manual and think in logical steps.

too bad it is too slow to make good games on though.

>> assembly language
since BASIC is not the answer when we want to program games, a better idea is to work with assembly language. first you need to get DoorsOS, which is the a development tool. it contains the a68k assembler and all the tools necessary to generate a ti-89 asm program. for information on assembly language programming and the format of a asm program, look in the doc-directory of the DoorsOS zip file. for lessons on 68k asm programming for the ti-89, visit Techno-Plaza in the assembly section.

>> transferring programs to the calculator
if you don't want to pay dimension-ti $25 for the real graphlink from texas instruments, (and I know you don't want to actually pay ti $10 more for the same thing), then consider making a homemade parallel link cable. the diagram is available by clicking here.


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