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>> 21 january 2001
probably you'll ask yourself "what the hell is going on with mxm". short answer: nothing!
i'll announce here to discontinue the whole project! i moved my interest on other open source projects with linux! i (trix) am now the projectleader of a soon coming linux project! everyone who's interested should contact me (new emailadress: trag@ins.at)
sorry folks, but i'll stop also the support and everything else in this direction!


alexander grutsch (trix) aka trag
projectleader of a linux project

>> 09 may 2000
what's going on? at the moment the "ti scene" is (i say it) "down". nothing interesting happened.
we are searching volunteers for our soon coming new homepage (domain [but not mxm.org], and a lot of new and interesting features for ti programmers). so i search volunteers for maintaining a section, .... -> short a staff. so when you are interested, then send me an email. thanks in advance - trix in the name of the soon coming new page staff.

our work on [tie] will be continued, since i got a lot of requests. at the moment i have got few time so please be patient with us!
also ontic will be continued. i want to get some feedback please....

>> 31th march 2000
ontic 0.99 released. now it's totally stable (i hope) and some bugs are corrected.
btw, we are searching some programmers (php3, newsguys, file administration, ...)

>> 14th march 2000
a first stable working version of ontic released
a better layout

furthermore, we have to excuse us, some pages are not completed, since we did this in a hurry (ontic is hot...)

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freshmeat.net - hot software
napster.com - a little bit music
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XFree 4.0 released


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